Nearshoring Center

The Challenge

Due to the increasing complexity and integration of business management solutions, international SMEs (Small and Midsize Enterprises) find it difficult to successfully manage IT projects without external support. Therefore, IT service sourcing – both at the local and international levels - is vital for competitive SMEs. While the cost benefits of offshore service providers are well established, these sources may not always be the best solution for SMEs requiring more customized solutions. For example, language barriers, different time zones and lack of insight into a project status can be problematic. There is, however, an alternative service solution for SMEs - nearshoring.
Nearshoring combines the benefits of a local supplier such as proximity and knowledge of the English language with attractive pricing. EU expansion and the elimination of legal hurdles, in particular, make nearshoring an attractive option for many European companies and US-based companies with international offices.

Solutions Approach

Nearshoring is an attractive solutions approach for companies with projects requiring intensive development time and specialists with deep domain expertise. If companies managed such projects in-house, they would have to allocate coordination and project management resources in addition to qualified professional staff. With nearshoring, however, a company can continue working with an existing solution while simultaneously developing a new one.´


Nearshoring offers benefits such as:
  • Geographic proximity allowing flexible local deployment of project team members, particularly during the project’s critical stages
  • Similar cultural environment, an identical time zone and the service provider’s knowledge of the local and English languages will result in less yield loss during project management and controlling
  • Enhanced client control of project management
  • Shorter development times