Unified Communications

Unified Communications offers the ability to improve the interaction and performance of communication between people and delivers more effective business communications by eliminating complexity and allowing customers, partners, and colleagues to reach the right resource at the right time. Unified Communications enables profound and varied ways of sharing information that speeds up decision-making and streamlines business processes.

The innovative, collaborative systems approach to security, connectivity, and communications enables customers to grow and optimize their businesses through an open but secure platform, i.e. the coordination of multiple communication channels and reduction of human latency in the business process.

Key technologies include Internet Protocol (IP)-PBX, voice over IP (VoIP), presence, e-mail, audio and web conferencing, video conferencing, voice mail, unified messaging and instant messaging (IM).

  • IP telephony and softphone applications to replace the traditional PBX architecture;
  • Unified messaging is the integration of voice mail with e-mail as e-mail is evolving toward a more powerful knowledge pool and contact management tool;
  • Former separated voice, video and web conferencing capabilities can be converged in various forms;
  • Instant messaging solutions as a form of type-based real-time communication which allows easy collaboration because, in contrast to the “classical” e-mail, the parties know whether the peer is available;
  • Integration of communication functions directly with business applications such as ERP Systems (Communications-enabled business processes) to reduce the latency in critical business processes and improve the response to important events through automated communication activity.

Whether a company is just thinking of replacing the existing traditional PBX infrastructure or has already implemented part of the above mentioned key technologies, the S&T Group has the expert knowledge to analyze and plan the future UC strategy for various sized companies and various scopes of business. We will help you to identify possible risk factors, help you to understand your service needs and setup, together with you, a feasible implementation and migration plan to a state of the art Unified Communications Solution.